Aaron started performing stand up comedy at the ripe age of 32 in late 2012. 
His unique style of humour was forged in the fiery pits of South Auckland (think Mordor from 'Lord Of The Rings'). This 6'2 180kg Polynesian / New Zealand powerhouse will bring down the house, the structural support beams and any other aspect of the establishment not rated for his big laughs or excess body mass. 
Considered amongst many as the best value comic (based on a $ per kg ratio), Aaron's short stories about growing up as the odd one out, misallocated stereotypes and comparing Australia vs New Zealand are both heartfelt and hilarious.  
Aaron's off beat slow and easy delivery style of joke telling got him through to the international 'RAW comedy' QLD state finals in two consecutive years (2014 & 2015). 
In 2016 Aaron was selected to open for Australian comedian Akmal Saleh; and America 'King of nerd comedy' Brian Posehn. 
More recently in 2017, Aaron has opened for Fiona O'Laughlin, Heath Franklin's 'Chopper' and Kevin Tate (America). 

After being invited to perform at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) 'Clean Comedy Gala', Aaron received rave reviews & has already been asked to perform in next years show.  

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