Andrew Nason propelled himself onto the Australian comedy scene in 1994.  A former high school teacher, Andrew felt the relative quiet of a comedy club audience would be a welcome change from the various classrooms where he had been performing...

With a keen wit and incisive style, he remains one of the most popular comedians on the SE Qld Comedy Circuit, both as a headline act and M.C.  He has performed at all the major comedy venues in Australia, as well as venues in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  He’s also very tall.

Andrew displayed his talent as a comedy writer for the ABC, on their satirical comedy program Backburner.  He has also written and performed in several celebrity debates as well as corporate impersonators, for which he has written specific material for various clients, most of them shorter than him.

Andrew also has a number of Film and TV projects in pre-production, and has produced and directed several short films for film festivals and corporate clients.  He has also had roles in a number of feature films.  He’s also very tall.

A professional improviser as well as comedian, Andrew is able to combine these skills in his performances, therefore presenting a show that is fresh and constantly evolving and changing.  

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