Born into a loving environment and force fed a diet of British sitcoms, Andy quickly learned how to garner a laugh and applause through his actions. These actions were usually centred on his lack of fashion sense and his ability to trip over and fall to the ground in seemingly innocuous and unobstructed areas.
Andy is a seasoned stand-up veteran having cut his teeth on the flourishing Brisbane comedy circuit where he quickly established himself as a consistent and confident performer and a lively storyteller. Andy has since developed his act further and is a regular feature on the scene in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. 
Andy is a regular panellist on ABC Radio Brisbane, had a sold-out run at the 2017 Brisbane Funny Fest and was a state finalist in the Triple J Raw Comedy Competition and the Nova FM “R U Fresh Comedy Competition” where he, although placing in the top five, was chastised by the organisers for his exuberant sweating and the liberal use of the word “pineapples.”

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