Anthony Walsh started standup in 2011 working the Brisbane open mic circuit. He’s a founding member of the Young Guns of Comedy, a who performed four shows raising money for beyondblue, the national depression and anxiety initiative. 

Anthony has been involved in performances for several corporate shows – including the National Heart Foundation, Amalgamated Pest Control and Crop Consultants Australia.

In the 2012 Triple J Raw Comedy Competition, Anthony made it to the Wild Card Semi-final – although he suspects he may have been wild-carded to fulfil a quota, as the token middle-aged, white, straight, married guy.
Anthony works in sexual health education, which lends his comedy a superior class of dick jokes. He used to be a physiotherapist, which he had to leave, as he found his colleagues too manipulative. His comedy is influenced by comedians like Adam Hills and Michael McIntyre, although he has more legs than Hills and fewer ties than McIntyre.

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