BJ Connolly loves using his comedy as a platform to inspire other people on the autism spectrum to become more confident. He loves making jokes about all the all the awkward social encounters he experienced during his childhood, whilst attempting to develop his social skills and better understand the neurotypical world.  

His comedy performances are always very eccentric and super high energy. He loves dancing around on stage and blowing kisses at the crowd. 
BJ also hasn’t had a wank for four years and he is extremely popular with girls who have borderline personality disorder. He used to identify as asexual but in 2020 he finally came out as STRAIGHT. 
His proudest comedy moments to date include qualifying for the Queensland State Grand Final of RAW Comedy in 2020 and hosting a comedy show in Lismore, NSW which featured Aussie comedy legend Steady Eddy as the headliner.
BJ also has a reality dating show on YouTube called “Third-Wheeling With BJ” where he organises for a random guy and a girl to go on a date and acts as their wingman, offering his most outrageous relationship advice from an autistic perspective. 
2022 is set to be a big year for BJ as he plans to start releasing original music on streaming platforms as he aspires to become Australia’s biggest comedy-popstar!   


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