Go Bogan? – Get Bingo.

Sometimes the best way to bring the team together is to let your 'inner bogan' shine. Or if you just want to laugh at 2 disillusioned guys who think they are rock stars calling out bingo for a living then they may make you feel pretty good too.

Since Bogan Bingo featured on Getaway and Australia’s Got Talent (and somehow featured nicely on A Current Affair) the world’s biggest bingo ‘supergroup’ Bogan Bingo is available nationwide. The show is the perfect mix of music, comedy and crowd interaction that has traditional bingo buffs turning in their graves.

If you like the idea of your friends, punters or colleagues making a fool of themselves as they play air guitar to “Sweet Child Of Mine”, Bogan Bingo may just be the event for you. You’ll find yourself rocking out to all your favourite old school rock songs as you join in the altered version of all the traditional Bingo calls that these guys have created to get you in touch with your inner rock child!

More than your usual trivia night or Karaoke show, the evening includes air guitar competitions, fashion parades, jokes and tunes that rhyme with all the numbers and take you back to the days of bad hair, tragic fashion and great rock and roll.

Each two man show has one wanna-be rock star host, and one misfit DJ, that work together to take everyone on a journey of self discovery that eventually, has the crowd becoming the stars of the show.

Our team is professional and experienced and has run small shows in boardrooms for clients like Tennis Australia, Rip Curl, NAB, to larger venues of over 800 on the P&O Comedy Cruise. It’s is a proven formula that works. And one that will definitely get everyone talking and sharing photos the next day at the office - which may never be the same again!

"Apparently my whole family loved it" S.Corby.

"Best show I've seen on a boat ever!" Pradeep Hussain, Christmas Island.

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