When it comes to comedian Brian Strain, what you see is what you get. Some audiences see a confident and assured performer with a dry, self-deprecating wit and deadpan delivery. Others see a fat loser talking boring old crap. Perceptions vary.

Beginning stand-up in 2007, much like his beard, Brian’s comedy career continues to grow.

As the 2008 Raw Comedy QLD state final runner-up, Brian was selected to compete in the national Green Faces competition the following year.

2011 saw Brian make his local television debut on 31 Digital's The Late Nite Show, an appearance which several of Brian's friends and family admitted to having watched.

Brian has performed in countless clubs around Brisbane and has proven to be extremely popular with the bar staff...less so with promoters. He has shared the stage with such noted comics as Steve Allison, Sol Bernstein, Mel Buttle, Dave Callan, Dave Eastgate, Justin Hamilton, Fred Lang, Gordon Southern, Josh Thomas and Chris Wainhouse. Most of these people would probably just consider him an acquaintance of sorts. 

Drawing inspiration from his many failures and frustrations, Brian weaves a dark tapestry of life, laughter and despair. Destined for a premature death and hampered by a stalled career, his onstage gigs are a rare treat not to be missed. 

Brutally honest, morbidly obese and painfully funny, Brian invites everyone to witness his misery.

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