Bron is a Brisbane based comic, who is desperately trying to shed her Melbourne skivvie collection to fit in up here. She shifted careers from being a highschool teacher to a stand up comedian when she realised the money was worse and the audience could swear at her more. She has three kids - one an infamous COVID baby - and she accepts rent from them in the currency of singular socks and eye-rolls. As you can tell, she only makes the most questionable of decisions, but she does them with a confused smile and dry wit. 

Bron is a four-time winner of the internationally acclaimed The Moth Storytelling Night, and she is set to take the stage for the Grand Slam in Melbourne. Her love for storytelling brought her to comedy, where she has delighted in combining the two. 

Bron has performed all around Australia, including the Adelaide Fringe Festival and has been featured at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. She has supported acts such as Claire Hooper, Sammy J, David Quirk and Geraldine Hickey, and they are all best friends now because of it. 

Bron has a fire in her belly when it comes to comedy, and she has no shame left to lose. This is the comedian to watch. 

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