This is the bio of Brisbane comedian Chris Hague.

In their bio most comics bang on about how famous they are, where they’ve worked, who they’ve worked with blah-blah – not this Chris Hague character.


Hague is just plain funny – some actually think he has some sort of low level mental problem but he refuses to get any firm diagnosis in case the authorities make him wear a Stackhat when he drives. He is quirky, charming and can smell colours. A Brisbane boy who can see through time and space, Hague has a five letter surname ending in e.


Chris once made someone (insert high school chum’s name and made up address) laugh so hard they ended up legally blind, but thanks to Hague’s good looks, their eyes wanted to see him so badly that their eyesight decided to stop being lost and restored itself within 4 days.


Many famous people have been witness to the comic genius of the Haguenator, including – Brett Godfrey (Virgin), Bruce Samazan (90’s heart throb), a guy from the Liberal Party who was pretty low down on the food chain I reckon, the woman that threw a shoe at me and various blue collar workers.


(don’t forget to insert quote to finish off strongly) 


“Scientists should stop wasting their time trying to cure cancer and more time trying to work out why my ball bag has a seam.”


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