Dan Konstantinos did his first comedy gig in February 2012. His self-deprecating style and cartoonish looks made him an instant hit, and four gigs later he found himself in the QLD Raw Comedy State Final. Since then, he’s only been getting more popular and arrogant. Somebody should stop him.
Dan has played to audiences throughout QLD & NSW, been a guest on 612 ABC & 31 Digital, been a part of charity tours and corporate functions and reached the semi-finals of “Just Sayin’” and the top 5 for Nova’s “RUFresh?” comedy competitions. He’s a stand-up comedian. He stands up and comedies.

“Gold. Too funny, a very talented man.”  The Sunday Mail

“Quite possibly the longest surname in Brisbane comedy...” Steven J. Whitely

“Yeah he’s pretty funny. But don’t quote me on that.” Anonymous

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