Dan Rath debuted his solo show RATHEMATICS at the Sydney Comedy Festival in 2016. He is a cult comedian. He dabbled in Scientology before being kicked out for trying to send an e-mail on an e-meter. He was audited and his company RATHEMATICS Pty Ltd went into liquidation (alcoholism).
Dan Rath is a comedian for anyone has ever had problems genuinely showing affection for a dog. His target demographic is burnouts who don't have a driver's license. His influences include self-doubt, algebra and crippling debt. If you need him for a gig please contact the Sit Down Comedy Club and they will respond within minutes. He is eminently bookable.
Testimonials include: 
'This really helped me a lot’ - Anonymous 

‘Meta-funny’ - Herald Sun 
‘Jokes and tags flowed in thick and fast - equal parts ironic and absurd’ Comedy Beast Magazine

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