Australia’s only Three Michelin star Comedian, Danny McGinlay has been performing stand up since the age of 16. In that time he has performed all over Australia and done stints in London, New York & the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Although Melbourne born & bred, McGinlay gleefully hails Brisbane his second home, performing here every year since 2004.

“The Paddo Tavern is one of my favourite clubs to play in the world! The Queensland audiences are so much fun, they’re proper Australians. All they need is beer, sunshine and a laugh. A few folk down south could learn a lot from the Queensland way of life.”

For those who are thinking he looks familiar, McGinlay does do regular TV appearances, Rove,  The Project, The Footy Show and even cooking up a storm on The Circle to name a few.

McGinlay made his Hollywood debut in the Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing. “I’m in the opening scene, so if you list the cast in order of appearance, I almost get top billing!”

Despite all of these achievements, he is best known for writing funny things for footballers to run through. He’s okay with this. Go Dogs.

"Very funny, McGinlay is an assured and animated performer, like an over-caffeinated Puck with the ability to weave a rollicking yarn" Sunday Age

"Hella good" Herald Sun

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