Dave Bloustien is part of the award-winning joke writing team on Good News Week (Network Ten), as well as ABC TV's The Glass House, The Side Show and more.

He's also a former circus performer, a reigning NSW Theatresports champion and received a Moosehead Award for his 2009 stand-up show The Social Contract, about the time he got sued for not being funny.

As a stand-up comedian and improvisor, he's peddled his cheerful, middle-class rage at festivals in five out of six states, as well as in London, San Francisco, Zambia and beyond.

Dave has performed at Sydney's Enmore Theatre for the Theatresports National Competition, at the Melbourne Town Hall for the Moosehead Benefit Gala and at Hobart's Theatre Royal. And last year he made his Edinburgh Fringe debut to critical acclaim, if not much cash.

"intelligent and funny, laid back and engaging ... here's a comic who knows how to craft a strong line onto any topic - and with the smarts to ensure he's covering ground few others have trodden" chortle.co.uk

"such an engaging raconteur ... the sort of stranger you'd want to share a drink with in a foreign bar." The Scotsman

"[Left] the audience laughing all the way to the jury room.  The verdict? Not guilty on the grounds that it's absolute comedy gold." dB Magazine

"A prolific gagster, using jokes where others would use a full stop ... let it be said in print: Dave Bloustien is funny." The Age

"endlessly hilarious ... side-splitting ... an absolute must see for all those looking for something a little bit different." Arts Hub

"It was nonstop laughs as the very likeable Bloustien smoothly fired his cheeky gags at his captivated audience ... Bloustien was laid back, engaging and intelligently perceptive, peppering his routine with a genuine charm that made the hour fly." The Advertiser

"Years of experience in writing comedy combined with the direction of Alan Brough resulted in a tight show that was all killer and no filler ... a brilliant show. Dave's wonderful ability to tell a story had the punters constantly laughing." The Groggy Squirrel

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