Forget everything you think you know about ventriloquists! In his modern show Dean Atkinson breathes new and exciting life into an old art form. No ‘creepy dummies’ or ‘old jokes’ here, just fast paced, hilarious comedy that leaves the crowd in hysterics.

With the help of his characters, Stan The Bogan and Fetch The Talking Dog, Dean Atkinson spins a classic art form into a modern cutting edge corporate act where the jokes are fresh, fast and furious. During his act the audience also become part of the show when two delegates from your organisation are turned into human ventriloquist dummies. Imagine the fun you could have watching the boss or CEO under someone else’s control for a change, and being made to talk in a silly voice!
Dean has over 20 years experience performing in front of crowds of all shapes and sizes both in person and on television. He made a big name for himself after his appearance on Australia’s Got Talent where he appeared in the grand final and was awarded The Judges Choice for the whole season. Since then he has headlined on luxurious cruise liners and at major events all over the country. Considered one of Australia’s funniest and most inventive comedians he will provide your guests with life long memories.
If you are looking for something very different and want to treat your company to a really good laugh at the end of your conference or corporate dinner then look no further.
Dean Atkinson’s likable personality, versatility and skill never fail to capture the imagination, hearts and laughter of his audience. With his unique form of interactive comedy and showmanship he provides a perfect recipe for you to let your hair down and just have a bloody great giggle.

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