Ellen Briggs is a talented mother of two, with a sharp tongue and a rapidly rising career in the comedy industry!
With just two year’s experience, she bagged first prize on the National Foxtel Comedy Channel's Be a Comedian and earned a spot on Stand Up Australia. She then became a finalist in the nationally televised Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2007 Raw Comedy Competition.
Ellen regularly performs as a comedian and MC at venues all over Australia, and can often be heard on "ABC North Coast Radio" and Byron Bay’s Community Radio Station, "Bay FM". In fact at the end of 2007, she was shortlisted for the breakfast radio program "The Cage" which is heard on Triple M in Brisbane – without even applying!
Ellen has an easy-going, friendly nature that belies the dark wit that lurks beneath. It’s been said that "Ellen says out loud the things other mothers only dare to even think", and that "with her tales of parenting, she could well become Australia’s next Fiona O’Loughlin". Ellen takes her audience on an observational and hilarious journey through life as an accidental mother of identical twins and the wife of a husband who is away working for 9 months of the year. She has made an art-form of sneaking really politically incorrect jokes onto the end of "nice" yarns. She launches the punch lines stealthily. You won’t see them coming, but you’ll know when they hit.
Ellen has performed alongside the likes of Bob Downe, Mick Meredith, Will Anderson, Peter Helliar, Charlie Pickering, Fiona O'Loughlin, Sean Chulburra, Gina Yashire, Austen Tayshus, Puppetry of the Penis, Jimbo, Mandy Nolan, Brad Oakes, Julia Wilson, Greg Sullivan, and Claire Hooper – just to name a few!  Ellen is a favourite at ladies events, such as Melbourne Cup Lunches, Girls Nights In and numerous other Cancer Council and other fundraising events.
She has MC’d and performed at major corporate events for QLD Health, The Australian Poulty Association, The Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia, ScreenWorks Australia, McGrath Foundation and NSW Tourism Board.
Ellen has also assisted in the delivery of comedy workshops for Senior Citizens (Shooting From My Hip Replacement), People with Mental Health Issues (Funny In The Head), and children (Funny Kids).

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