Hannes Monaghan has been performing stand up comedy for a number of years. His material is insightful, incisive and alliterated. He is an accomplished performer whose humour appeals to a wide range of audiences. Hannes is a far more proficient comedian than employee, where his effectiveness has been likened to a cardboard cut-out of himself.

Fortunately for audiences he leaves this particular skill set at home (unless he is performing street mime, where he kills figuratively but silently) and brings to the stage an affable and instantly likeable personality.

Another way to describe Hannes would be that when he talks into the microphone (sometimes without) people laugh. He performs regularly throughout Queensland as well as Sydney and Melbourne.

Hannes Monaghan has performed with many well established headliners including Fiona O’Loughlin, Damian Callinan and Chris Franklin. Book this mofo today.

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