Hooray for Everything exploded from the comedy womb in 2002, instantly killing its mother. Born from the loins of their unknown father, Music, this musical-comedy bastard child supped on the surrogate nipple of the Raw Comedy Competition, and was weaned QLD state final winner in 2003.

After losing the grand final at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, HFE moved from foster home to foster home, getting kicked out of the Green Faces, Just for Laughs and Gold Coast Comedy Competition grand finals respectively. Now living on the streets, HFE tried to score a hit in Brisbane, but was turned away by the backlash from their unfulfilling and confused analogies.

The Raw title wave had by now ebbed, flowed and left, leaving HFE wailing on the shore like a beached whale. Sydney was next on the list of either metaphorical or literal whales to conquer. HFE harpooned it in the face and dragged it screaming out of the water, reducing the rising ocean levels and negating the effects of global warming on the polar icecaps.

Hooray for Everything play songs that people occasionally laugh at and are enlightened by. We like to think they make a difference in the world. A difference for the worse is a difference nonetheless (their self deprecation is one of their selling points. So is their ability to deconstruct. And their ability to over explain things. Like this bit. See?) 

They are way into the environment and stuff. Like...trees and that. Also, like any white middle-class try-hard hippie westerner, they hate westerners.  I know that Matt thinks he is a humanist, but only in the sense that he hates humans.  Bit like racism (He hates races too incidentally.  Not real competitive is Matt).

Hooray are made up of Matt, Stevie D and Phil.

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