Jennifer Burke is a Triple J RAW Comedy State, and Grand Finalist, full-time mother of two beautiful ferns, and recovering kombuchaholic. She's also performed at the annual Laugh Your Pants Off Comedy Gala at Jupiter's casino, sharing the stage alongside such comedy greats as Judith Lucy, Dave Hughes, Cal Wilson, Mikey Robins, Peter Rowsthorne, Ronny Cheing, and Matt Okine... just no name a few.
While making her way through the open-mic and professional comedy circuit up and down the East Coast of Australia, she’s brought the funny to a host of charity functions, corporate events, the Brisbane Comedy, and Falls Comedy Festival in Byron Bay, as well as the Edinburgh Fringe (which is what she calls her shower).
With her dry wit and razor sharp one-liners she’s not afraid to talk about the hard issues like selfies, bogan tourettes, and double denim. Following dreams as big as the shoes she wears to look taller, she hopes to one day marry into money and leak an on-line mix tape when she’s ready to start a social media family. Weaning herself off caffeine would also be an acceptable achievement.
“She was better than that other guy.” – Ma

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