Don’t call him an American. This boy’s from Texas. Joe began performing his ‘observational nonsense’ flavor of standup back in 2009.
Before standup, Joe created the award-winning comic strip Slow Children at Play that ran for three years, a prize-winning sketch with Mascot Wedding; and performed improve with National Comedy Theatre. He has also worked as a writer and editor for The Daily Texan, The College Houses Co-opulator, and Lawless Comix. 

A Texas native born-and-bred, Joe graduated with Honors from the University of Texas. From there, he got involved with various comedians, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and actors because the best way to make the funny happen is to surround yourself with talent. After some failed group projects, like the nerdcore hip hop group Bionic Phonics and a Spider-Man parody film, Joe inevitably graced the bright lights and brick walls of the standup stage and hasn’t been able to get down ever since. Joe takes clever writing and combines it with wacky performance until the most mundane becomes insane.

He has performed with top talent from the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia and won’t stop until he’s out-joked them all. Joe is the also world’s premiere Hambone comedian. What’s that even mean? You should definitely come and find out!

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