“There’s something wonderful about watching an intelligent and articulate person, point out how bizarre the world is.”

“I couldn’t get offended… I was too busy laughing.”

Joel thinks they are the loveliest things ever said about his show.

After years performing in the isolation of Perth, Joel has moved to Brisbane and has quickly established himself as a versatile and consistently funny comic.

He could tell you about the movies, mini-series, TV & commercials he’s done, but really… Who cares?

He could reel off a list of famous comedians he’s supported, but really… Who cares?

The simple fact is that Joel loves being on stage and making people laugh. With the rare ability to adapt his act, Joel has performed successfully in front of a range of audiences from drunken-mature-women’s groups to Statistician’s Christmas parties to Corporate Presentations Skills Workshops.

Joel dreams of a world where we laugh because it’s funny… Not because we need to.

He enjoys gardening, beer, a good hug and pondering why we treat each other like shit. When he grows up he plans to stamp his feet and yell “No!”

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