Jonathan Atherton has long been one of Australia’s best comics, and he’s always had an internationalist aspect to his material. Currently residing in Singapore, the dedicated traveller is fluent in at least 10 languages, and has worked and studied in most parts of the world.
Jonathan has an enormous list of achievements including hosting the Lonely Planet series on television, acting in Warner Roadshow productions, and has performed at innumerable corporate functions as a comedian.
Jonathan Atherton (actor, comedian, traveller, raconteur) is no newcomer to the entertainment industry.  As a teenager he pursued an acting career.  He made his debut in The Mango Tree, then went on to play television and theatre roles.
A brief stint as an articled law clerk dispelled any middle class notions that justice existed for all and Jonathan hit the road to spend many years hustling variously and precariously in Africa and Asia.  After escaping political detention in Uganda, Jonathan returned to his film work in Kenya.  He secured a major role in the HBO production Lion of Africa (starring Brian Dennehy and Brooke Adams) and pre-production work on White Mischief.
He then made his way to Thailand (via Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Burma) and established a translation service for working women  who wished to solicit extra funds from departed foreign clients.  Whilst in Bangkok, Jonathan was asked to do a walk on in Good Morning Vietnam. “Working with Robin Williams was a real trip.  He's a very positive person and encouraged me to think seriously about comedy...which is why I opened an Afro-Caribbean nite club in the South China Seas.”
A year in Japan teaching English and doing radio voice-overs in silly American accents, six months in Indonesia ‘to check it out’, and a year or so bouncing between the Philippines, Hong Kong, Laos, Thailand and Taiwan and Jono is back in Oz.  Since the beginning of 1995 his flirtation with comedy has become a full blown affair.
Jonathan has also performed voiceover work for many major companies, and has been a guest announcer on Triple J, and B105 in Brisbane.
A veteran of comedy, his style is clever and adaptable, and he is an expert at reading an audience, then bringing them together. Despite his intellectual bent, Jonathan is able to converse with any crowd confidently, and is always a pleasure to watch.
His years of experience as a presenter, and comedian at venues across Australian and the world, make him a very capable performer, able to deal with any situation.

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