Karl Chandler is a comedian, and one of the strongest writers of a joke in the country. Short, sharp jokes are his specialty, whether it’s a weird one-liner or a topical whack to the face.
His solo Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows include Karl Chandler has 125 Jokes, Karl Chandler is 100 Jokes Per Hour; Karl Chandler: Jokes in 140 Characters; Karl Chandler Has (Literally) 1.5 Million Jokes; Karl Chandler's Got Talent!; and Karl Chandler - World's Greatest (And Best) Comedian.

Since 2010, Karl has co-hosted the popular Australian podcast, The Little Dum Dum Club with fellow comic Tommy Dassalo. Featuring guests such as Rove, Tony Martin, Yumi Stynes, Marc Maron, Paul F. Tompkins, Tim & Eric, Shaun Micallef and Wil Anderson, The Little Dum Dum Club has placed runner-up in The Earwolf Challenge – a worldwide competition to find the best new podcast, and recorded sold-out live shows everywhere from Brisbane to Los Angeles.

As a performer, Karl has appeared on television shows including The Chaser’s Media Circus (ABC TV); Dirty Laundry Live (ABC TV); and Just for Laughs Sydney (The Comedy Channel). As a writer, he has provided material for shows such as The Big Music Quiz (Seven Network); Spicks and Specks (ABC TV); The Project (Network Ten); Dirty Laundry Live (ABC TV); This Week Live (Network Ten); and A League of Their Own (Network Ten).

In 2016 Karl returned to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Karl Chandler Defends His Title As World's Greatest And Best Comedian where he invited fellow comedians to attend and provide a running commentary (and/or heckle) on his material for the amusement of the audience.
If that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Karl also runs two of the most accomplished and successful comedy nights in Melbourne - Comedy@Spleen and the Thursday Comedy Club.

“Worthy of the world’s most respected gagsmiths.” Chortle.co.uk 

“The best one-linesman in the country.” Sam Simmons

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