At school Kitty was a small, stick like child with very large front teeth and fuzzy hair. Nothing much has changed. 

After several attempts at university, studying things as diverse as Spanish, Poetry and P.E teaching, the government introduced HECS and the free ride was over. No more enrolling for a semester of tertiary good times then dropping out. 

Advertising beckoned because it was the job that paid the most money for the least amount of qualifications. She fooled them for a while, then she got fired. 

Then she tried doing stand up. And then she got a job on Full Frontal (a sketch show, not a nudie mag). And then in 2001 she moved to London. 

She did stand-up in Japan, France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland and Holland - and performed at all the Festivals including Edinburgh, Montreal, Kilkenny, even Cape Town and Joburg. 

Then there was another sketch show, an English one this time, cryptically titled The Sketch Show. And there was a short film that won a few awards. After that, she wrote stuff for the BBC and Channel Four with writing partner Julia Davis of Nighty Night fame. 

Kitty moved back to Australia where she is now best known for her for her regular Tuesday appearances on The Project and most recently for her role as Rhonda in Working Dog’s Utopia on the ABC. She also appears on The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

In 2015 Kitty was appointed Ambassador for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. And alongside her dog Henry, she is also the Ambassador for Delta Therapy Dogs.

“…layer upon layer of magic, making this show a joyful, side-splitting wonder” ★★★★★ Herald Sun Melbourne 

“Kitty Flanagan will have you in stitches from the moment she walks on the stage.” ★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser 

"If you've seen Flanagan on The Project and Good News Week you'll have an idea of what to expect but she's even better - and faster - live." The Independent Weekly

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