Winners of the Sydney Theatre Award, Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award, The Melbourne Age Critic's Award, AUstralian Green Room award for Best Cabaret Ensemble, Barry Award Nomination and the prestigious Australian Entertianment MoAward, these three talented women combine their eclectic comedic talents and musical expertise to create a disturbingly believeable trio.

Witness the lilting harmonies and off-beat humour of hte sisters as they accompany themselves on an old 60s reed keyboard, Tuba, Musical-Saw, kitchen pot, toilet brush and feverently shaken duelling tambourines. This oddly curious musical act, drawing on naievete, spinsterhood and the somewhat gothic existance that forms the world of these eccentric sisters, is not to be missed.
These oddball and endearing sisters venture far from the dusty curtained private world of their family home in Esk, Rural Queensland, Mourne, Eve, and their oddly reculsive rather peculiar sibling Dawn Kranksy, share darkly funny stories from across the countryside. In their uniquely homespun versions of popular tunes heard on the old wireless, they cover songs from The Eurythmics and Talking Heads, to ACDC and Steppenwolf. The combination of their strange behaviour, blinkered outlooks, superbly droll comic dialogue and alluring downright hilarious brand of tune, all makes for a highly entertaining brew.
"Like watching a witches coven at band practice" the Kranskys will draw you in their their alluring brew of uniquely homespun versions of popular tunes and darkly funny tales of rural Australia. Not unlike a cross between the Sugarbabes and The Addams Family. The Cult starts here! 

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