Mark brings to the table over 18 years of performing experience coupled with a genuine interest in helping build and unite the comedy industry in the pursuit of helping to reduce societal stress, depression and suicides.
“Performing is what I do, I’ve always done it, and I’ll continue to do it. Making people laugh is the best job in the world, I absolutely love it.” 
Having headlined and emceed all of the major comedy clubs around the country as well as regular corporate engagements and cruise ship bookings, Mark has comfortably become known as “One of the most reliable comedians in the business”
“When I’m headlining on a cruise ship it’s great to go out there and do a full show for an hour or so. When MCing though I like to have a lot more interaction with my audiences, you’re up there all night, make it personal and get to know each other, it’s great!”
As a story teller Mark can keep an audience enthralled as he peppers them with punchline after punchline littered throughout real life true stories from his life.
As Mark evolves from one of Australia’s regular Headlining comedians into that of an Entrepreneur and advocate for suicide prevention his stand up is also evolving.
“I’m a firm believer in encouraging people to experience comedy in any way shape or form, it’s been scientifically proven to make them feel good, it will also create more work for comedians thus adding value to our industry, everybody wins.”  

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