Mike van Acker is a Brisbane based performer and writer with a broad set of skills and vast experience across many aspects of the entertainment industry, both on stage as a performer and off stage as a producer and as a consultant. He’s also consulted with other producers, and, one time, produced with a consultant.

Mike began his stand up career in the early 90s, back when phones didn’t have cameras and social media was not a thing, so his posts promoting his gigs were years ahead of their time and were, sadly, mostly ignored.

Mike was the funny part of the breakfast radio show ‘Bianca Mike and Bob’ on Brisbane’s 97.3fm, and remains one of the few radio hosts who is able to say he was let go by a network whilst the current ratings winner. ‘Ah well, mustn’t grumble’, Mike said at the time, and went off to write his sold out festival show Sacked about the experience.
Whilst stand up is Mike’s first love with literally thousands of shows performed both in Australia and overseas, he has also performed on radio, done some acting for film and  TV, participated in comedy debates, written and presented entire shows for corporate clients, performed in theatre restaurants, done some TV audience warm up and many other things but this is the most uninteresting paragraph in this bio so far so chances are you’ve stopped reading. Good for you if you’re still hanging in there! Let’s just agree that Mike’s resume suggests he is a very versatile and experienced performer and move on.

One of Mike’s current projects is his podcast – No Thanks Needed with Mike van Acker. A comedy podcast with a breakfast radio vibe, NTN is a look at the news of the day with a nod to pop culture interspersed with stories from Mike’s life – like the time he was mowing a lawn for a mate and was repeatedly swooped by a magpie whilst he did it – a lessor man would have packed up and gone home but Mike knew he had an episode to record and knows good potential content when he sees it!

Mike has some shady areas in his past he would prefer not to discuss; they include long stints as a street theatre performer and children’ s entertainer. His skills there included juggling, unicycling,  stand up and stage magic, fire eating, stilt walking and making balloon animals. See now why he doesn’t like talking about it?  The memories still keep him awake at night…

Mike also runs Trivia Tribe – a boutique trivia company that has provided trivia shows to the club and corporate market since 2003.  During the Covid 19 venue restrictions Trivia Tribe took their shows online and entertained their audience via Facebook Live. Each week hundreds of people watched Mike and fellow comedian Andrew Nason ask questions whilst Mike drank beer. It was much more entertaining than perhaps it sounds.

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