Mr Methane is a Performing Flatulist, or Petomane, he performs the Art of Controlled Anal Voicing employing the same technique as 19th Century French man Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane. He has performed his Fart Artistry at the worlds top comedy festivals in Montreal, Melbourne and Edinburgh as well as many public and private shows for exclusive clients.

Mr. Methane has also showcased his Performance Farting on many TV and Radio Shows during his long and illustrious career. Howard Stern called him, "A true Genius. A huge star!"
Mr. Methane recently appeared on Britain's Got Talent where he gatecrashed the auditions, achieving a lifelong ambition by pointing his rear end at pop mogul Simon Cowell and Farting Out a rendition of The Blue Danube. Though this got him the Bums Rush - Cowell called him a "Disgusting Creature!" - it nevertheless landed Mr. Methane an invitation to the German version of the show, Das Super Talent, where the Windy One made it through to the Semi Finals, the winner was a Dog!

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