Nazeem Hussain is the star of his own critically acclaimed TV show, "Legally Brown", which aired on SBS in 2013. The show broke ground with it s boundary pushing content and has recently finished filming series 2. 

Prior  to “Legally Brown”,  Hussain  was  a  regular  on  the  Comedy Channel's hugely successful,  ASTRA  award winning "Balls of Steel" Australia. His self created character, Calvin Khan the Very Foreign Correspondent, saw his episodes achieve the highest ratings of the season and he returned in season 2. Hussain also starred on the cult hit Salam Café on SBS, which was nominated for a Logie Award in 2009, and has worked as a presenter on Triple J.  
He  can  also  currently  be  seen  on "The  Full  Brazilian",  as  a  Brazil based correspondent  covering  the World  Cup  for  SBS.  Other TV appearances include Network Ten's "The Project" and on leading news and politics panel show "Q and A", alongside Malcolm Turnbull and Lindsay Tanner. 
Nazeem's also well known as a stand-up comedian and until recently was one half of cult political comedy duo "Fear of a Brown Planet"(FOABP) with Aamer Rahman.  FOABP  first  appeared  on  the Australian  comedy  scene  in  2008,  with  a  sell8out  run  at  the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. They were awarded the prestigious Best Newcomer Award that year and won over critics and fans alike.  Hussain went on to regularly perform with Fear of a Brown Planet across Australia, including two shows at the prestigious Sydney Opera House in 2013.  
Nazeem has also performed stand-up on the Melbourne International Comedy Festival All Stars Gala, broadcast on Network 10 and the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala, broadcast on the Comedy Channel.  He  has  performed  several  times  at  the  annual  Falls  and Southbound festivals across Australia, to crowds of over 10,000 people. He has toured Australia as part of the Melbourne international Comedy Festival Roadshow. 
In 2011 Nazeem performed with Fear of a Brown Planet at the largest arts festival in the world the Edinburgh Fringe and received the highest  review  from  the  esteemed  Guardian  newspaper  given  that  year.  That  same  year  FOABP  was  the  focus  of  an  episode  of Australian Story. The episode documented Aamer and Nazeem s lives in Australia as well as their debut performances in Edinburgh and London. In September 2012, they returned to the UK for a tour and a date in Antwerp. Their Australian Story episode aired on the ABC to almost one million viewers nationally. Fear of a Brown Planet announced their split in February 2014. 

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