Neel Kolhatkar is one of the brightest prospects in Australian comedy. At 19, he boasts a CV already rivalling more seasoned stand-up professionals. With an existing subscriber base garnering him hundreds of thousands of hits on his YouTube videos, Neel sky-rocketed to Internet stardom in 2013 with his viral video ‘Australia in 2 Minutes’- which collected over a million hits within three days of its’ release.

As prolific a stand-up comedian as he is at writing, producing and directing videos, Neel charms audiences with his impeccable foreign accents, faultless impressions, refreshingly amiable style of insightful observation and energetic delivery.
Since winning The Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s ‘Class Clowns’ Competition in 2009 Neel has gone on to perform at Australia’s top comedy clubs. In both 2010 and ‘11 Neel was invited to perform at MICF’s ‘Teenage Gala’ – a showcase of Australia’s best comedians aged 20 or under. In 2012 Neel appeared in the well-received Sydney Fringe show ‘Barely Legal’- a showcase of stand-up comics aged 18 or under. And in 2013 Neel was again handpicked by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as the youngest of 5 comics to perform as part of its prestigious annual show ‘The Comedy Zone’- featuring the finest up and coming comedians in the nation.
“Look out old comics, 19 year old @NeelKolhatkar is coming to get you! His precision to detail is incredible, heaps funny fella!!” -Sam Simmons
Neel’s subject matter ranges from cultural observations to pop culture and mainstream media and he prides himself on the broad inclusiveness of his comedy.
Neel has been an all-round performer from a young age, with a diverse repertoire of skills that includes rapping, singing and dancing. He is an accomplished actor specialising in character acting. This skill-set has formed the basis for the character-based videos he has uploaded to his YouTube channel since 2007. As of June 2013 Neel has amassed 120,000 YouTube and 240,000 Facebook subscribers, as well as over 18.5 million views across both platforms. Ranging from high intensity impressions to more traditional sketches or music videos, Neel’s channel offers a wide variety of entertainment styles and has been met with widespread popular acclaim. He is also a gifted improviser having led his school to the NSW Theatresports Schools title in 2009. Neel’s stand-up comedy was filmed for an SBS television series due to air in early 2014.
Neel debuted his first hour of stand-up to 3 sold-out shows at the 2013 Sydney Fringe Festival, culminating in the 11th hour addition of a marquee solo show at Sydney Comedy Store. He has just returned from his debut performance at New York Comedy Festival and will perform his new show across all the major Australian comedy festivals in 2014.

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