His name is Rich Naberhood coz that’s where he’s from folks! He is The Suburban Boy! And Rich uses his hilarious sense of humour to point out this fact. Not to mention the ways in which he heds a funny light on the topical issues affecting our everyday lives!

Rich Naberhood has been performing stand-up comedy now for over 10 years. And in that time has built up the reputation of getting his audience in hysterics.

“There were lots of laughs, and Rich’s cheeky demeanour made his down-to-earth humour hard to resist” **** The Advertiser

Rich has performed in London and all over Australia, working with A-List on many occasions in Sydney.

He performed in his own 2009 Fringe show and received 4 stars from the Advertiser. In Australia Rich has worked with many comedians including Mickey D, Dave Williams, Greg Fleet, and has supported Sam Newman, Greg Richie, Chopper Reid, Chunky Custard, Steady Eddy, Austen Tayshus, Trevor Crook, Gary Who etc, etc. Check out his DVD “Rich Naberhood – The Suburban Boy” or read his latest best selling book “101 great Aussie Drinking Games.” This guy is indeed a character!

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