Most versatile and best-loved:
Shane Bourne is one of Australia’s most versatile and best-loved comedians. In recent years, he has become one of the most sought after performers on the corporate function circuit. Bourne has had vast experience, is highly professional, and has a commanding stage presence that makes him a great asset to any function. Shane Bourne’s ability to read an audience combined with his understanding of client requirements guarantees success when he appears as a guest speaker or presides over an event as Master of Ceremonies.

Early career:
A highlight of Shane Bourne's early career was his debut appearance on 'The Happy Hammond Show' where his act called Shane Bourne and His Miming Prawns was bound to attract attention. Having family connections to the theatre world, Bourne was a natural performer from an early age. He appeared on 'New Faces' in 1972 and won his heat. From there, Bourne appeared in a variety of variety shows including the Graham Kennedy and Paul Hogan shows. He also entertained in clubs both in Australia and Britain.

Regular entertainer:
Shane Bourne's career took off in the 1980s and he became a regular entertainer on many television programs in diverse roles. As well as his talent for comedy, Shane Bourne has a dramatic flair for acting and has taken on singing and dancing roles on stage. He is also a great host on screen and off.

He has an impressive list of television and stage appearances to his credit. He is the consummate performer with wit and comedic timing that are the envy of his peers. But he can also fill dramatic roles with considerable ease, creating complex characters such as Happy Henderson in the acclaimed ABC series, 'MDA: Medical Defence Australia'.

Stage success:
The stage musical success 'Urinetown' showed more facets of Shane Bourne's talent, adding singing and dancing credits to his acting and comedy roles. He is fondly remembered for his years on the enduring 'Hey Hey It’s Saturday' show on Channel 9. His inclusion of original gag filled comedy songs had the audience in stitches every time.

Shane Bourne has worked with other top quality comedic talent. In the mid-1990s, a highlight was his appearance in American actor-comedian Steve Martin's play, 'Picasso at the Lapin Agile'. Steve Martin commented that very few people have what Shane Bourne has: "true comic talent... There are many people who know where the jokes are and how to deliver them, but very few who can deliver them with original comic flair."

Current work:
Shane Bourne's current work includes hosting the enormously popular 'Thank God You're Here' show, produced by Working Dog for the Ten Network. Shane Bourne is a versatile performer with consummate skills and is held in extremely high regard by colleagues, clients, and comedy-lovers nationwide.

Shane Bourne is a class act.

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