Soulla is a funny Greek lady who educates audiences about living life as a ‘stereotype’, with an insightfully witty recount of family-life and all the trimmings that come with having Greek heritage.

Her comical and often flirty anecdotes explore many facets of her life, whether it be her riveting work-life in the Deli, surrounded by fetta and chorizos; or her traditional home-life, surrounded by greasy and hairy family members - and that’s just the women!

Hitting the comedy scene in Brisbane since graduating high school, Soulla has been performing in a variety of clubs and venues throughout Australia. Her experience as a performer and MC has equipped her with the skills necessary to charm audiences of all varieties – whether they’re already buttered up or just want her to “show us ya tits!” Either way, she’s prepared to do what it takes to spread some delicious Greek love.


Soulla regularly performs in Sydney and Melbourne - climbing that comedy ladder of high egos - to spread her love of comedy. After being featured in a group show during the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2011, she also performed in both the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2012.

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