Stewart Davidson is a comedian.  He hasn’t always been a stand up comedian.  He was once, in fact, a normal guy (just a particularly funny one).  It was with this thought that he entered the Raw Comedy 2000 Competition.  Having no experience, he still managed to stumble into the national final and within four weeks of his debut appearance, he flew to Melbourne and performed in front of 1500 people.  To say he never looked back would be to use a well-worn cliché …

With no career prospects or tertiary education, Stewart decided to focus all his energy on Stand up.  He just wants to make people laugh.  The fact that he can do that and receive free beer remains a constant source of amazement and joy for him.  His comic stylings have been unleashed on audiences in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney’s Comedy Store, and throughout the ever-growing Brisbane comedy scene, including Brisbane’s leading comedy venue, The Sit Down Comedy Club.  Stewart appeared on the comedy channel’s ‘Hahn Ice Headliners’ and is heard nationally on the Austereo Network as Stav from the B105 Breakfast Crew.

With growing confidence, enthusiasm and talent, there is no telling where this young comedian could go.  One thing’s for sure though.  Wherever he ends up, that’s where he’ll be.


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