Stephen was born in Brisbane in 1978.  At the age of two he broke his mother’s exercise bike, so the family moved to the small country town of Nanango and forced Stephen to live there for fifteen years as punishment.  He feels he got his sense of humour from his mother, because she lost her’s completely at about the same time he was born. 

At 17, after failing to get addicted to drugs or get anybody pregnant, he was forced to leave rural Australia in disgrace.  As Stephen did rather well in high school, he was accepted into Griffith University to study science, but after winning the inaugural Triple J Raw Comedy Competition in 1996 in Melbourne, he gave up a glittering career in laser science to pursue a ho-hum career in comedy.  He’s never looked back. 

He now makes from comedy about half the money he was getting from Austudy.  After four months, he got his first paid gig supporting Eric Bana and Shane Bourne at a corporate show.  He didn’t get a paid gig for another six months.

A lot of people enjoy Stephen’s style of comedy;  his dry wit, the black humour, his naïve stupidity, the natural self-deprecation and cerebral jokes.  But then again, what do drunk people know?  His talent has seen him travel all over to perform, sometimes up to 100 kilometers.  Stephen appears regularly at The Sit Down Comedy Club.

Self confident he ain’t, but that’s all part of the magic that is Stephen Head.

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