Arizona-raised, now resident in Sydney for 21 years, American stand-up star Tommy Dean occupies the top echelons of Australia’s headline comedy artists.
If you have never seen Tommy Dean you are genuinely missing out on a master of the language comedy. We refer to him around here as the "Good Will Hunting" of comedy. He seems to see life as an enormous equation in front of him and solves it in an instant, with a mind bending laugh. With the unique edge of being an American who understands Australia!
Tommy’s astute, clean, observational comedic style consistently make him a stand out winner with theatre audiences, corporate clients, festival producers, TV and radio shows alike.
With pin sharp banter, genial manner, broad appeal and a vast stock of hilarious routines interweaving the foibles of his adopted home country with the dark reality of his home country Tommy never fails to connect with and impress any audience.
Tommy's impressive media appearance CV includes Spicks and Specks, Good News Week, Stand Up Australia, Rove Live, Joker Poker, Sunrise, The Today Show, and The Sideshow. If you haven't heard how good a comedian this big American with the Rock God long hair and booming deep voice is or you can't put a name to funny American you saw on that panel Come and check this out - Tommy can also be heard regularly on ABC 702 radio.
“Tommy Dean is Awesome” Foxtel
“smarts, skill and wit” The Age
“a consummate master of timing” Australian Stage

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