Hypnotist WAYNE DONNELLY has a reputation as one of Australia’s funniest and most inventive stage hypnotists.  Performing in venues around Australia, Wayne’s fun filled shows have audiences rolling in the aisles with laughter as they are amused and amazed by the volunteers “on stage” antics.
A wonderful balance of mirth and mayhem unfold as volunteers come up on stage to be hypnotised.  They don’t know what will happen, … they may not remember what did happen … yet,  the audience watch it unfold  right before their  very eyes.  The volunteers are quickly and safely transported into the realm of trance in a brilliant display of rapid hypnotic inductions.  This is the place where the ‘magic’ transpires as DONNELLY takes them on a journey through their unconscious minds to perform as ‘stars’ of the show. 
The volunteers are the stars, like an orchestra, with DONNELLY as the maestro guiding and leading them through routines that graphically demonstrate how “reality is plastic”.   Audiences everywhere marvel at the mystery of the mind in DONNELLY’s hypnosis shows.
“Even I still marvel at what volunteers will do as they respond to my hypnotic suggestions” DONNELLY says.
Donnelly was introduced to hypnosis through two powerful experiences. The first was via a fire walk in Sydney with Anthony Robbins. “To watch a man speak to a few thousand people from stage and put them into a state of mind that enables them to walk on fire is inspiring to watch. The second powerful experience was when a hypnotherapist worked with Donnelly in 2005 to overcome depression after major back surgery. “In 3 or 4 sessions I felt like I was embracing life again” Wayne says.
So when his future was freed up during the GFC, Wayne turned to in depth training in the skills of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. The rest, as they say, is history.
“humorous and inventive”
“the audience was laughing so hard during the entire performance and just when you thought it couldn't get any better, it went that step further”

 “An amazing show featuring entertainment, comedy and a good laugh that leaves you feeling amazing after. 5/5 Stars” 

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