The Youth Theatresports™ Festival is a fun way for your students to gain valuable improvisation experience and stage time. While a trophy is offered for the winning Youth Theatre Sports team, the main aim of the Festival is to provide an enjoyable performance experience by bringing students from various schools together to be in a show that is non-threatening and fun.

The Festival contains up to 16 heats, 6 quarter finals, 3 semi finals, and a final. Heats and Semis start at 7 p.m. and go for about two hours. Venues are at various schools around Brisbane.

Theatresports™ is improvised theatre entertainment played as a spectator sport. Teams of players invent scenes from suggestions they are given, while following particular sets of rules we call “games”. Everything is made up on the spot; the lights, music, dialogue, mime and song. The teams are judged on their ability to follow the rules of each game, deliver a cohesive story line and entertain the audience. Theatresports™ delivers a vast variety of different theatrical styles: opera, comedy, drama, mime and poetry can appear all in the one show. It is fast paced, unpredictable, and hilarious. Best of all, it’s fun.

The audience is encouraged to get involved in the show, by offering their suggestions for scene “titles”, and by barracking for their favourite teams. The raw energy and excitement generated by truly improvised theatre creates magic, and because it’s not scripted, each new show promises something different.

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The 2019 Competition kicks off in May.


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