Sunday 18th October 2020
Doors 6.00pm
Show 7.00pm


$23.00 includes booking fee


with Dusty Rich

A totally made-up stand-up comedy show hosted by Dusty Rich.
Once a month at The Sit Down Comedy Club Brisbane, wildman of comedy Dusty Rich presents Brain Grenade, a show that doesn't play by the rules. Comedians who are used to telling the audience “their” opinions, stories and ideas have the table flipped on them. At Brain Grenade, you decide what the performers have to make funny.
See incredibly talented comedians sweat bullets as they try to come up with stand-up on the spot, no written jokes, no time to prepare and plenty of stress. Every Brain Grenade completely unique and absolutely hilarious.
Presented by Dusty Rich, Based Comedy and The Sit Down Comedy Club Brisbane.


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