Thursday 21st July 2022
Doors 7.00pm
Show 8.00pm


Early Bird Special $23.00 includes booking fee (Valid until 22 June 2022) | $33.00 includes booking fee


No Bull***t ◄► No Pandering ◄► No Fluff 
THE FLANNEL PANEL is now back on the road with our national tour. Next stop -- QUEENSLAND! 

Who are we? 

In a world gone mad with political correctness, we are Australia's most unapologetic band of comedians. Consisting of a Freshingly uncivilised American redneck, a country Victorian conspiracy theorist, and a loud Queenslander larrikin ... we pull no punches! 

Let's keep the rest of this honest & accurate so you know exactly what you're buying: 
Our comedy show is HARD-HITTING, politically INcorrect, and fast paced! 
You won't find us waffling on about soft, new-age, we-can-save-the-planet rubbish. We deliver rapid-fire joke after joke after joke. Non-stop. For 75 minutes. 

No fluff. No pandering. No bull***t! 

Isn't that what REAL COMEDY used to be?!?!?! 
We think we've got something special here. THAT is why we tour from small town to small town. Driving all over hell. Taking our comedy to the people. Booking our own gigs. Doing our own advertising. Selling our own tickets. Writing our own bio. 

There are NO OTHER COMEDIANS doing what we are doing right now. (Apparently, we are the only band of LUNATICS to think this is a good idea. Hahaha) 

But for that very reason, we feel that 5 years from now, you'll be telling your mates & your mums, "I once saw The Flannel Panel performing at my local. Even back then, they were bloody funny buggers. I'm not surprised by the level of their success." (Hopefully that doesn't sound too wanky. Lol) 

Our previous show--Trailer Trash--SOLD OUT Perth's Regal Theatre during the height of the pandemic. And our recent show--The Flannel Panel Live--also SOLD OUT at the Perth Fringe Festival this year.
Please, don't miss seeing us perform live. (I once missed seeing Nirvana performing at my local for $5! I regret it to this day. Don't do that to yourself!)  

Grab your tickets, don your favourite flanno, and come laugh your head off! 

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** filming will be occurring in the venue for this performance **

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