Sunday 15th May 2022
Doors 4.00pm
Show 5.00pm


Free Entry for booking call 07 3369 4466 (Seats are Limited) Event will be Live Streamed on YouTube | details below



We’re hosting another FREE Q&A! This time around, we’re focusing on all the little tips, tricks and best practice to follow within the comedy scene! Want to know how to get gigs, or how to keep getting gigs, or the professional standards and practices you should employ when you’re starting out? Maybe you just want to come along to clarify processes you’re a little unsure of. Whatever the motivation, if you’re an absolute newbie or someone in the early stages of their stand-up journey, this Q&A is an opportunity to get some answers about the comedy industry! (Basically, we want you to think of this session as a live, in-person, and interactive version of the SDCC Open Mic Info Pack!)

Hosted by SDCC’s Head Honcho, Fedele Crisci, INTRO TO STANDUP gives YOU a chance to ask your question to a panel of professional comedians who’ve been exactly where you are:
 - Greg Sullivan – Comedian with 25+ years of experience in comedy, radio, tv and print media
 - Fiona McGary – Comedian with 20+ years of experience (also runs QLD’s #1 Comedy Course!)
 - Bron Lewis – RAW Comedy 2022 National Champion

Entry to this event is FREE, however it’s first in, best dressed, so if you’re coming along, you MUST RSVP by calling the SDCC Box Office on 07 3369 4466.

Alternatively, while the panel are based in SEQ, a lot of the info & advice applies nationwide, so we’re live streaming this sucker for those stuck in other parts of the country! If you’re outside of Brissy, just save this link - https://youtu.be/g3cpL18-LkI - and be ready to watch at 5PM, AEST on SUNDAY 15 MAY where you’ll be able to submit any questions you have to the comments in real time, with the panel doing their very best to answer!

P.S. Please note that this session is not a comedy ‘course’, it’s an information session about how the local comedy scene works. If you wanna learn how to be a standup comedian or how to write jokes, Fiona McGary’s Comedy Course is where you need to go!

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