Friday 15th March 2019 7.00pm
Sync Room


$25 Adult (includes booking fee) from Running time - approx. 60 minutes

Headline Act(s)

Jenny Wynter


For one night only, award-winning musical comedian Jenny Wynter (Best Variety Show United Solo Festival NYC) wants to hang out with you. Did you hear that? One night only. And not a minute more.

With her trademark spontaneous stylings, including musical numbers inspired by you, the audience, Jenny delves into some of our most pressing issues today.

From terrible life advice to Instagram insecurities to battling your inner Marie Kondo when you’re obsessed with collecting teapots, this high energy romp asks the question: what if, instead of pretending to be better than we are, we could just let it all, you know, hang out? #inspirational #letshangout

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