Friday 6th March 2020 7.00pm
Saturday 7th March 2020 9.00pm
Sync Room


$18 Adult (includes booking fee) | Running time - approx. 60 minutes


Josh Wessling & Mickey Flykick: Echo Chamber 

Are you socially conscious?  Are you a Green’s Party voter?  

Do you want to see a full hour of two straight white dudes stating generally well accepted opinions to raucous applause? Do you want to live in an Echo Chamber?
Then this is the show for you.  With a show featuring your friendly neighbourhood communist Mickey Flykick and plant-based extraordinaire Josh Wessling, you’re going to have your virtue well and truly validated as they explain how to fix the Melbourne Cup, why being a creep is more effort than it’s worth, the truth about the Spice Girls origins and the difficulties faces raising a #woke child. Truly, they’ll be telling you how they’ve been told it is.

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