Over the years the Sit Down has hosted Carl Barron, Dave Hughes, Eric Bana, Jimeoin, Judith Lucy, Lano and Woodley and Mick Molloy amongst many others

The Sit Down Comedy Club opened in 1992 and was produced as a Thursday night show by entertainment producers and friends Fedele Crisci, Roger Beames, Jenni Kubler and Tony Auckland. It was begun in an effort to provide alternative entertainment mid-week for a six-week trial, however it proved so successful, it never stopped.

Continuing with support from innovative venue management and any local performers who could fashion a stand-up act, the Club soon opened an improvised show on Wednesday nights and in 1993 presented shows three nights every week. Canadian import Derek Scott, who came to Brisbane for World Expo ’88 and stayed, became a regular host in the first year and after his deportation, local funny-man Steve Davis stepped up to anchor the show. By 1994 shows were on four nights per week and once weekly shows had begun on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

The local industry was developing also with acts like Adam Couper, Paul Brasch, Peter Grose and Jimmy Poulos. Other performers also emerged who had started their comedy careers after the Club opened – acts like Stav Davidson (B105 Breakfast Crew), Greg Sullivan (Triple M Breakfast Crew) and Meshel Laurie (NOVA Breakfast Crew). In 2000 the Sit Down Comedy Club moved from Kangaroo Point to its new home, the Paddo Tavern. By then, regular shows continued at both coasts and had sprung up in Toowoomba, Bundaberg and Brisbane’s outskirts. The Sit Down Comedy Club and its regional circuit remains the premier tour for interstate and international performers visiting Queensland. Over the years the Sit Down has hosted Arj Barker, Carl Barron, Dave Hughes, Eric Bana, Jimeoin, Judith Lucy, Kitty Flanagan, Lano and Woodley, Mick Molloy, Rodney Rude, Ross Noble, Shane Bourne, Steady Eddy, Tripod, The Umbilical Brothers and Wil Anderson amongst many others.

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