Aaron started performing stand up comedy at the ripe age of 32 in September 2012, shortly after he realised that his life was more like a sitcom than reality. 

His unique humour was forged in the fiery pits of South Auckland (aka Mordor). This 6’2”, 180kg, Polynesian powerhouse will bring the house down, the structural support beams and any other aspect of the establishment not rated for his big laughs or excess body mass. 

Aaron is considered amongst many as the best value comic (if based on a $ per kg ratio).

Aaron's short stories about growing up a little different to everyone else, mistaken identity and Australia vs New Zealand are packed with LOLZ, ROLF's and PMSL.

Aaron's off beat slow and easy delivery style of joke telling got him through to the Triple J Raw Comedy Queensland State Final in both 2014 & 2015.

Rated "O" for Osome, this gentle giant will leave you in stitches; and not the usual type of stitches you get from laughing at someone his size.