An accomplished comedian, Christine Basil has been working regularly on the stand-up circuit for more than two decades. 

She remains a comic in strong demand having gained favourable reviews and popularity. Christine has been the opening act for visiting international comics such as David Strassman, Greg Proops, The Amazing Johnathon, Dylan Moran and more.

She has also toured with home-grown comics Elliot Goblet and Bruno Lucia; opened for Mick Molloy; and is a semi-regular opening act for Puppetry of the Penis. She has also performed in no less than 10 Upfront shows (an annual local and International Women’s showcase) for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Christine was invited to perform at London’s famous comedy club, Jongleur’s, for a guest feature on BBC4.

Christine has been a writer for television, having worked for all the major networks at one time or another. Her credits include IMT (In Melbourne Tonight), Full Frontal and Skithouse. She has also written and starred in ABC-TV’s ensemble comedy show One Size Fits All.  

She has also guest hosted on Fox & Nova FM Radio.

Christine Basil's Plastic Pearls of Wisdom:

ON THE ELDERLY: “Do you think that if you put two really old people in a very hot bath when they get out their skin would be really smooth? I should boil my Nanna and find out.”

ON TATTOOS: “I love tattoos. I'd love to get one of a really big eagle - but that's a lot of work and it might hurt. So I'm just gonna get a tattoo of a dead rabbit, I figure the eagle will turn up eventually.”

ON HER KIDS: “I often get into a lot of trouble over the sick and twisted jokes I make about my children, which is a real shame. Because in actual fact...I mean truth be told...I love my kids. My kids are the reason I get up in the morning. Well, you can't abuse 'em in your sleep.”

ON ALUMINIUM: “My Nanna rang me the other day. I love it when Nan rings but all she does is whinge about Pop. "It's your Pop, darling. He's always complaining about pains in the back of his head and short term memory loss." And I'm like... "Well Nan, maybe you shouldn't use aluminium pots & pans", and she's gone "Oh no love, I hit him with other things."